Soweto is the biggest location in Africa and it is there that great events in the history of this country took place. Some of the greatest present and former residences of Soweto include Winnie Mandela, the two Nobel Peace Prize winners, namely, Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu whose homes happen to be also on the same street called Vilakazi. Established in 1904 Soweto is also one of the oldest settlements in South Africa with an estimated population of between 3 to 3, 5 millions people.

Our trips give you a lifetime opportunity not only to come to Soweto as a tourist but you get to experience Soweto and its vibrant energy. You get to experience the spirit of Ubuntu, which says “You have visited us and therefore you are now part of us”. Soweto offers a rich cultural diversity. Almost all the indigenous languages of South Africa are spoken in Soweto with isiZulu being the most dominant.

Visitors are guaranteed a never to forget experience of this great place which is the most visited place in Gauteng province. We also offer visitors a glimpse of Soweto's natural heritage including its wetlands with various types of animals including birds, insects, plantation and aquatic animals. Our tourist guides are highly qualified and experienced, very fun to be with, being also the natives of Soweto.
Cruisin' the streets of Soweto